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General Directories Listing :

Online Directory sites are that will act as the accountants of the World Wide Web . They categorize,maintain,and provide links to other sites . They are neither search engines, nor do they have the results based on keywords to the user's search easier, to keep these lists active, working links of the websites and categorizing the links based on the overall content of the website. 
Need for Directory Listing?
There are thousands of companies out there on the Internet vying for the attention of any potential customer around the globe. Just optimizing the site for search engines is not enough. Online Directories are very effective in directing traffic to your website . Also, submitting your site to web directories properly maintained can help to improve your website's page rankings . This is because search engines usually focus on well-maintained and popular to fish out pages of interest. Web business directories
Finding the correct directory to list all your needs
There are many online directories that you can submit to your website. However, only a few directories are really worth the time and money. These lists are usually maintained by dedicated web masters, and not computer generated. The advantage is that human retained directory lists usually more precise and closer to what the users to search.
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